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Pay Per Click Campaigns

Whatever shapes digital media strategies take, pay per click campaigns keep the lion’s share. We all have to face it: if you want to get the job done in due time and budget, with measurable results and, in the end, draw your learnings, then pay pe click is the way to go.
We’ve had our share of learning over time, as we’ve managed to juggle between Google Adwords and Display Network, Programmatic, Waze, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, E-bay and some other local networks. Impressive?
Well, we’re ready to impress.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media…you can’t ignore it. It’s there, wrapping you on all sides and giving your brand tremendous opportunities to relate, engage and impress its fans… and haters. We bow to the power of this beast of the 3rd millennium and are constantly learning to tame it by sharpening our tools and skills for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest and… the list remains open.

Creative Media

As you already know by now, we take pride in integrating creative with strategic planning. So, we are ready to undertake any creative media challenge and turn it into outstanding ads we will then implement in your campaigns. Everything without any headache on your side. While we might not always speak your language, we can coordinate to design the creative masters for all media, as well as provide media production for your needs.

Integrated Campaign

Fairytales do not happen: we were not born smart and confident, and definitely haven’t turned so overnight. It is the experience with our mother company, that has been working some really strong marketing and communication strategies that delivered some pretty cool projects over the past years, that got us going. Whenever we face a complex challenge they are here to deliver, so don’t be shy and throw us your toughest balls!

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