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Claim your Google Ads account analysis.

How it

The process is easy, fast and risk free. We use the latest tools available to run a complete scan of your account, compare it to others from similar industries and deliver you a comprehensive report within 24 hours.

We link

To be able to analyze your Google Ads account, we will need access to it. So, we are going to need your ACCOUNT ID NUMBER. You can send it to us right away in the message box from the form.

You can find the ID number in the top right area of your Google Ads account, formatted as follows:

After that, you will receive from us an account linking request, on the email address you used to create your Google Ads account.

We analyze:

After linking is complete, we can access your account and start analyzing. We take into account a number of factors: keywords, Ads performance, Quality Score, Bids, etc.

No worries, we will not be able to change anything there at this moment, we will just visualize and extract the info we need to perform the analysis.

We report:

We will send you within 24 hours a full report regarding your account. From the report you will be able to better understand what is working fine, where you can do better or if you should reconsider the account structure.

The report is user friendly and will be easy to use as an optimization guide.