download google ads account

HOW TO: Download your Google Ads account and upload it in a new account

To download your Google Ads account, we’ll go through some of the steps below:

1. Download Google Ads Editor from here:

2. Install the program on your PC. When installing it, select country (your country) and language (English)

3. Add a Google Ads in tool account by clicking the „+ Add”

download adwords account 1

4. Use the „Use in-app browser to sign in”

download adwords account

5. The next screen shows what accounts Google Ads have access to and which email address we can download

download adwords account

6. Select which campaigns we want to download. Suggest to select „All campaigns”

download adwords account

7. When the screen below is displayed, select „Account”

download adwords account

8. Selectam tab-ul “Export”>”Export selected campaigns and ad groups”2.

9. Select the location where the file will be exported and the file format (* .aea)

download adwords account

10. Save

11. Send the file to the Point Primus team ?