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You might think that your business is unique and special. Well, newsflash: it is! And we do understand that, so every project we design for our clients is tailored to their business objectives, needs and expectations. Let us show you how we’re rollin’ and check out our case studies.

Campaign name

Canon Creative Park: Happiness is colored

Year: 2017

What would a non-pink flamingo, a mountain landscape minus the deep green, or a black-and-white rainbow look like? We can imagine them, but they would surely lose their charm.
Since the world of colour knows no bounds, the Creative Park figurines started strolling through some of Bucharest’s most visited shopping malls, and children could play and take photos with them.

Campaign name

Road to BMW Welt

Year: 2017

There’s a lot they say about BMW drivers, but there’s one thing everybody agrees: they love their cars. With that in mind, we created the #RoadToBMWWelt campaign for our client, authorized BMW dealer Proleasing Motors – a race-like contest that rewards passion for BMW like never before. The catch was that it gave our client the opportunity to attract and convince the enrolled partcipants to choose their authorized BMW service on the long run.

Campaign name

Discover the Aurora Borealis in Romania

Year: 2017

Aurora Borealis happens at altitudes of over 80 km above our planet, and can be witnessed from Norway, Iceland, Siberia, Alaska or Canada.
But, this May, the Aurora Borealis was seen in Romania. „Discover the Aurora Borealis in Romania” was a project that, for the first time, brought a rare, spectacular visual experience to the Romanian public and marked the launch of the new LG TV OLED 4k range.

Campaign name

Morarita is You

Year: 2017

We all had moments when we wanted to surprise our loved ones with a delicious snack, but didn’t have enough time to prepare it. Panovia fulfils our wishes with a delicious dessert that’s easy to make: Morarita („Miller Lady”) strudels.
The first competition-campaign in the history of Morarita started with the belief that each consumer – regardless of age, gender, lifestyle or cooking prowess – can prepare a sweet surprise for their loved ones.
„Morarita Is You!” is the slogan that challenged the more daring sweets lovers to capture, in a photo or video, the fun context in which they enjoyed the Morarita strudel.


Campaign name

You know you’re not the first…

Client: Rulate Proleasing Motors
Year: 2017

Our client threw us a heavy ball: take 20 expensive BMW models from his used car stock to which he offered limited discounts and generate demand with a budget of merely 100 euro/car, along with differentiating our clients’ business from all traders out there, who put over 10,000 used BMWs in the grey market every year.